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If you’ve checked out Andrew “Pap” Papadopoulos on Instagram, then you’ll know he needs little introduction when it comes to his fitness ability. This guy is never afraid to push his limits and create new boundaries. It’s this extreme drive that leads him to motivate all his clients, in person and online, to do the same.

With his Army background, as well as being the proud owner of the growing and successful boot camp, Battle Fit Australia, Andrew brings a very special type of expertise to the ActiveHIIT community. His training method is built on camaraderie, mental discipline and team work – all whilst having fun, of course.

By joining the AH team, Andrew’s goal is to share, teach and instil the importance of commitment and sheer determination when it comes to training. His extensive experience in demanding situations means that he understands what you’re going through when times get tough during your workout. He says, “I want my clients to realise that physical effort is only half the battle; your mental attitude is what carries you through to the end.”

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